JAC Fiji User Needs More Refrigerated Trucks

April 13,2020

[Message from Fiji, by chinaspv.com]... Chinaspv are glad to receive an inquiry letter from Freezer Freight Services regarding JAC refrigerated trucks dated on November 9, 2019. The customer has been a faithful JAC user and bought JAC trucks from general machinery limited local supplier of JAC trucks in Fiji. Now they need more and ask if chinatrucks could give them a quote of the latest 9ton JAC freezer truck and how much it will cost to arrive in Fiji.

Freezer Freight Services is a frozen cartage company that does frozen stock transfer for the various cold product companies.

Currently, they have a total of 4 JAC trucks ranging from 3 ton to 9 ton trucks. One was purchased in 2018 and 3 were purchased in the year of 2019. Will attached some photos for your reference below. Well they are pretty much satisfied with their performance at the moment however will see how it goes in the near future. Currently they have some issues of backup parts as they do not have any parts available at the moment for the brand of truck.

After a detailed inquiry by www.chinatrucks.com, we learned that vehicles in Fiji need to meet the requirement of Euro Ⅳ emission limit. While JAC 9 Ton refrigerator truck with Euro Ⅳ emission for Fiji market is still in development and is expected to be launched in Fiji at the end of 2020.

We'd like to keep in touch with this customer and shall be glad to assist further.

Source : www.chinaspv.com

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