Pakistan Reader to Purchase 16 Dumper Trucks

April 13,2020

[Message from Pakistan, by]... Truck sales in China are now growing ever fast, which has been the focus of worldwide attention. This is especially true since Chinatrucks receives so many messages from global readers every day. On 28 October, 2016, we received an email from Akber Ali & Sons [Regional Office (Karachi)], Pakistan, inquirying about 16 dump trucks.

AKBARALI & SONS (A&S) is a Subsidiary of AKBERALI YOUSUFALI GROUP OF COMPANIES. There are 7 (Seven) Subsidiary Companies in the group. A&S was established in the year 1988. During the last decades A&S has emerged as a company providing its customers state of the art material handling and lifting solutions.

The dump trucks they are looking for are 16 Mini Dump Trucks (4x4) with 10-ton payload. Detailed specifications are as following:

According to the customer requirements, we have recommended some leading China truck brands and trucks to him. Under the fact that China enjoys an all-weather friendship with Pakistan, we believe that the customer will choose the right China truck builders to cooperate further. The future of trucks in Pakistan belongs to Chinese technology as it is competitive, economical against Japanese and American truck builders.

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