XCMG JP32A water tower fire truck

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Product Details
Basic Information
Usage Fire Extinguishing Truck
Length 11420mm
Width 2500mm
Height 3900mm
Curb Weight 22850kg
Gross Weight 32000kg
Max Speed ≥90km/h
Wheelbase 4500(1wheel-2 wheel),1350(2 wheel-3wheel)mm
Axle Load 5200 (front wheel), 17650(dual rear wheel)kg
Front Wheel Track 2035mm
Rear Wheel Track 1804mm
Approaching/Departuring Angle 16/9.5°

Rated load of extinguishing agent


Foam liquid(kg):6000/3000

Minimum turning diameter(m):≤20

Braking length (speed is 30Km/h)(m):≤9.5

Minimum ground clearance(mm):290

Max gradability(%):≥25%

Rated height(m):32

Max operating range ability(m):19

Span(vertical x horizon)(m):6.0×5.4

Scope change range(°):﹣3~85

Moving time of arm support(S):≤110

Span expansion time(S):≤30

Rotation speed(r/min):0~2

Rated flow of fire pump(L/s):70

Rated pressure of fire pump(MPa):1.7

Rated range of water monitor(m):≥85

Rated flow of water monitor (L/s):70

Rated pressure of water monitor (MPa):≤0.8

Rated range of foam monitor (m):≥65

Rated flow of foam monitor (L/s):64

Rated pressure of foam monitor (MPa):≤0.9

Swaying range of monitor

From top to bottom:-135°~0°

From left to right:±107°

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