Senyuan Hongma clothing washing vehicle solves needs in emergency rescue

July 10,2024

The bedding washing vehicle is mainly responsible for washing the bedding of frontline officers and soldiers, ensuring that the frontline firefighters can wear dry, clean and tidy clothes. Senyuan Hongma bedding washing vehicle is a tailor-made equipment that combines the characteristics of washing equipment and is suitable for the washing needs of various clothing in emergency rescue.
Excellent performance and easy operation

Generally, at the rescue site, after the laundry service team arrives, it is necessary to clean personal protective clothing such as firefighting combat uniforms, emergency rescue uniforms, flood rescue uniforms, various helmets, combat boots, coats, bedding and other personal living clothing.
Powerful functions and strong adaptability

Senyuan Hongma bedding washing vehicle has powerful working capacity and can wash, dry and dry 50kg of clothes in a single operation. One-button control throughout the process, automatic selection of washing parameters, meeting various firefighting clothing washing and drying needs, fast. At the same time, the vehicle has a comfortable working environment and is equipped with a silent generator and a silent water pump, which can effectively reduce working noise. The vehicle has superior performance, convenient operation, strong adaptability, and has self-protection capabilities such as power generation, water supply, sewage collection, and lighting. It integrates multiple functions such as washing, drying, etc., and is suitable for large-scale, long-term, long-distance, and high-frequency emergency rescue and drill logistics support.

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