Care for hearing health, Yutong's "mobile" hearing screening vehicle

July 10,2024

Recently, the General Office of the National Health Commission issued the "Notice on Carrying out Actions to Promote Hearing Health in the Elderly (2024-2027)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), guiding the elderly to enhance their awareness of hearing health, develop scientific ear habits, promote early screening, early detection, and early intervention of hearing loss in the elderly, reduce or delay the occurrence of hearing loss in the elderly, and effectively enhance the elderly's sense of health.

The notice mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen the popularization of hearing health for the elderly and change the traditional concept that "hard hearing is a natural law for the elderly"; it is necessary to carry out hearing screening and intervention for the elderly, and advocate that areas with conditions provide professional hearing screening for the elderly in need.
The Yutong Special Vehicle Team takes the mission as its responsibility, takes advantage of technological innovation, integrates the concept of modern health examination into the vehicle development process, creates a hearing test vehicle, provides the public with convenient hearing health services, and builds a solid health defense line.

As the problem of social aging becomes increasingly serious, pre-existing hearing loss needs more and more attention. All regions actively implement the "Healthy China" strategy, take the elderly hearing health promotion action as an important construction content, incorporate it into the local healthy aging plan, and coordinate resources from all parties to vigorously promote it. Widely mobilize social organizations, public welfare institutions, and caring enterprises to actively participate.
In order to protect hearing health, Yutong Special Vehicle has carefully built a "mobile" hearing test vehicle for the diverse needs of customers. The vehicle is equipped with a professional audiometry room, which can be used specifically for various scenarios such as door-to-door service and mobile fitting. Users can truly communicate with hearing experts at zero distance and enjoy professional hearing tests.

In addition, the vehicle integrates multiple functions and has a reasonable layout, providing one-stop hearing examination services, making the examination process smoother, the operation more convenient, and the examination more efficient, effectively opening up the "last mile" of hearing health services for the elderly.

In terms of vehicle quality, Yutong hearing screening vehicles are ingeniously designed to protect hearing health with high standards. The country has mandatory regulations on the physical test hearing environment. In view of the characteristics of hearing test vehicles such as mobility, limited space, and loud echoes, in order to make the test data more real and effective, Yutong hearing screening vehicles have an audiometric room designed according to the on-site scene. When the external environment reaches 55db (A), the background noise in the audiometric room is ≤30db (A), which is lower than the national mandatory regulations.

What is more worth mentioning is that Yutong's hearing screening vehicle is manufactured in one step, avoiding damage to the vehicle caused by secondary modifications, thus ensuring the reliability and durability of the vehicle.

The furniture in the car is standardly equipped with multi-layer solid wood boards, which are environmentally friendly and durable; the interior materials (interior coverings, leather, fabrics, panels, floor leather, etc.) and cables are all made of environmentally friendly materials, which are more reassuring and safer.
As a "mobile guard" to protect hearing, Yutong hearing screening car will escort people's hearing health with its unique charm and social value in the future! Yutong special vehicles will also continue to create greater value for customers with professional innovation capabilities.

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