With Yutong Environmental Sanitation, the urban environment is great!

July 10,2024

In common sanitation upper electric drive systems, key components such as motors, reducers, and controllers are not only heavy and bulky, but also installed and arranged independently. In addition, a large number of wiring harnesses and pipes are cross-connected between the components. This electric drive system not only occupies a large amount of chassis space, but also has complex installation and poor aesthetics. It also has no advantages in terms of vehicle energy consumption, cost, and reliability.

Yutong's three-in-one electric drive system replaces the traditional low-speed direct-drive motor and uses a primary reducer and a high-speed motor. At the same time, the electric drive system is innovative and integrated through the deep integration of motors and controllers to help new energy sanitation vehicles operate.

With this three-in-one electric drive, sanitation operations will be more economical and efficient, and the urban environment will be cleaner and better. Smart technology drives the future.

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