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July 09,2024

Together with road cleaning practice, let’s unveil the mystery of four road cleaning products!
Pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle

The power system sets the motor automatic sleep and wake-up mechanism according to the motor execution requirements under various operating conditions to avoid energy waste and reduce the power consumption of the whole vehicle. The comprehensive operation time of the vehicle can reach more than 8 hours.
The operating system monitors the operation status of the whole vehicle in real time and has a series of alarm functions such as voice avoidance reminder, voice fault alarm, water level detection protection, safety support pole detection protection, etc.

Pure electric multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

The sprayer adopts a unique conical guide and double spray structure, which effectively improves the physical and chemical effect and spray distance of the sprayer, and achieves the best dust suppression effect.
The series of products can be equipped with 100m and 200m sprayers, with a wide dust suppression range, and can achieve a pitch angle adjustment range of -10°-+40° and manually control the horizontal ±120° rotation (automatic rotation ±90°). After the operation is completed, the barrel automatically resets.

High-speed road sweeper

The garbage bin and water tank are made of stainless steel plates with excellent anti-corrosion performance. The suction pipe in the box adopts a detachable structure, and the replacement of the suction pipe after wear is simple and convenient.
Equipped with an exclusive patented special large-volume high-efficiency fan, the maximum operating air volume can reach 20,000m³/h, the suction cup adopts a 3-duct design, the suction speed is fast, and the built-in large-diameter roller sweeper avoids leakage. The operating speed can reach more than 60km/h.

Unmanned road sweeper

It adopts pure electric power, zero emission and no pollution, with a standard battery capacity of 30kwh, continuous operation time of up to 6-7 hours, and supports 2-hour fast charging function. It is equipped with a large-capacity 700L garbage bin and 180L clean water tank, which is powerful for cleaning.

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