Cleaning and Maintenance? Fulongma Multi-Function Dust Suppression Vehicle!

June 18,2024

Fulongma FLM5160TDYD4 multifunctional dust suppression vehicle
The vehicle-mounted generator set is used to provide power, and the generator output voltage is automatically adjusted through the automatic voltage regulator, without manual adjustment.

● The environmentally friendly dust removal air-conveying sprayer is adopted, which has a compact structure, long range, fine fog particles, large coverage area, and can be operated manually or remotely. All operations can be performed in the cab through the camera.
● The sprayer can rotate 90° left and right by using a micromotor, and the pitch angle can be adjusted at a large angle by using a hydraulic system to control the pitch angle. The angle change speed is fast and the working efficiency is high.
● The sprayer is equipped with an emergency stop button, which is safe and reliable to operate.
● The self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump is adopted, and the water pump is driven by the chassis engine; the low-level flushing working mode is adopted, which is the first in China.
● It has the functions of front sprinkling, rear sprinkling and front flushing. It can not only be used for daily sprinkling, humidification and dust reduction operations, but also for road cleaning operations.
● It is equipped with a left middle columnar side flushing device and a right rear columnar side flushing device. The nozzle can be adjusted 360° left and right and 360° up and down at will.
● The waterway control of the whole vehicle adopts a highly reliable and pollution-free advanced pneumatic system, which is convenient and flexible to operate.
● The high water spray gun located at the rear of the vehicle body is flexible to operate and can be used to spray objects of various heights. It can clear some sanitation dead corners that are difficult to clean. It also has functions such as fire protection and greening watering. The spray gun can be adjusted into a column or mist shape.
● The structure is compact and reasonable, the tank volume is large, and the working time is long.
● The switch control valves and sprinkler system pipes are made of rust-resistant materials. The water storage tank is made of high-strength manganese steel. The interior is treated with special processes and is corrosion-free. (Stainless steel tank body is optional).
● The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically alarm when the water level is low.
● Fully intelligent operation. Three control methods for operation: 1. External manual operation; 2. External remote control operation; 3. Spraying operation operation in the cab through camera observation.
● The sprayer can adjust 3 levels of range, the low-level spray distance is 20-50 meters, the medium-level spray distance is 50-80 meters, and the high-level spray distance is 80-100 meters.

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