Dayun Delivered Another 25 Hazardous Chemical Trucks!

June 18,2024

On June 15, 2024, the first batch of 25 N8V delivery ceremony for Dayun Heavy Truck & Hubei major customers was successfully held at Jieshunda Logistics Port in Xiangyang City, marking the official arrival of Dayun Heavy Truck on the land of Jingchu, and the five-pointed star logo of Dayun began to roll forward on the land of Jingchu. Ni Shijie, sales director of Shanxi Dayun Heavy Truck Marketing Center, and Mr. Liu, a major customer, and others attended the event.

After visiting the factory and negotiating many times, Mr. Liu, a major customer in Zhongxiang, finally chose to purchase 25 Dayun N8V hazardous goods transport products for his transportation company. As a star product of Dayun heavy trucks, N8V adopts the golden power combination of Weichai engine and Fast super transmission to ensure the economy of the vehicle and the bird's nest cab to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. It is worth mentioning that Dayun heavy trucks also formulate exclusive service policies for major customers on the basis of lifetime warranty to meet the diversified needs of customers.

At 10:28, the delivery ceremony officially began. Dayun Heavy Truck Sales Director Ni Shijie, together with major customer Mr. Liu, Mr. Xing of Jieshunda Logistics Port, and team leader Master Lan walked on the red carpet together, opening this solemn and extraordinary moment.
At the same time, Dayun Heavy Truck Sales Manager and Service Manager handed over the golden key representing wealth and good luck to the car owners, wishing all car owners good luck and good fortune. This time, what was handed over was not only a golden key, nor just a car, but a commitment, a commitment to products and services.

The delivery ceremony was also attended by Mr. Yao from Wuhan Central Depot and Station Master Ju from Dayun Xiangyang Service Station. They opened relevant service stations for major customer operation routes, and reserved core vehicle and engine parts in advance to fully guarantee the normal operation of customer vehicles, help customers improve vehicle attendance, and maximize customer benefits.
Due to the particularity of the nature of its transported goods, the dangerous goods transportation industry has strict requirements on vehicle stability. How to use vehicles safely and in a standardized manner, how to properly maintain vehicles, and service policy-related content have always been the core content of customer concern. In line with the attitude of being responsible for customers and products, Dayun heavy truck manufacturer technicians and Weichai manufacturer technicians have conducted meticulous training for customers.
Dayun heavy truck manufacturer technicians provide exclusive training to customers on liquid buffer operation methods and precautions, airbag bridge operation methods, gas cylinder operation and precautions, cab instrument indicator light meanings, and vehicle fault self-inspection. At the same time, they provide customers with real vehicle operation demonstrations, answer questions for customers, and help customers use products safely, efficiently and economically.
As the power source and core component of the vehicle, the stability of the engine directly determines the operational efficiency of the customer's vehicle. The Hubei Weichai Office was invited to the delivery ceremony to provide exclusive training to customers on daily engine maintenance methods, relevant warranty policies and maintenance policies.
Jieshunda Logistics Port has rich experience in dangerous goods transportation. It provides safety training to customers in the transportation process from the three dimensions of "people, vehicles and roads" on site, helping customers to "correctly prevent accidents before they occur and minimize losses when accidents occur".
At the end of the delivery ceremony, Ni Shijie, sales director of Dayun Heavy Truck Marketing Center, and Mr. Liu, a major customer, gave speeches respectively. He said that this delivery ceremony is the beginning of the customer relationship rather than the end. In the subsequent service guarantee process, Dayun will adhere to the "customer-oriented" concept, do its best to provide service guarantee work, help customers operate efficiently and maximize benefits. Mr. Liu said that what he saw before the delivery was the enthusiasm of Dayun people and the solidity and reliability of the vehicles, and what he saw during the delivery was the patience and responsibility of Dayun people to customers.
This delivery marks the official departure of the "Five-pointed Star Logo" from the land of Jingchu. We believe that with the strong joint efforts of Dayun and customers, this "Five-pointed Star Logo" will stand more firmly on the land of Jingchu and run faster on the land of Jingchu.

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