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June 18,2024

Senyuan Hongma advance communication command vehicle adopts all-wheel drive off-road chassis such as Tank 500, Warrior, Mengshi, and Great Wall Cannon, which greatly improves the off-road performance of the product, meets the needs of rapid response during emergency rescue, and can arrive at the scene as soon as possible and establish communication with the command center to improve rescue efficiency.

Excellent off-road performance

The off-road all-wheel drive chassis has high maneuverability and excellent trafficability, meeting the emergency rescue needs of the communication command vehicle for rapid response and quick arrival. The vehicle has flexible deployment and efficient response, breaking through the operational limits of traditional equipment.

Strong communication and command capabilities

It is equipped with mobile satellite communication, wireless shortwave communication, and 4G/5G network communication capabilities, providing stable and effective communication support for on-site command; it has remote video conferencing function, can seamlessly access the fire image comprehensive management platform, and can interact with the back-end command center in real-time two-way audio and video; it has a high-definition individual soldier system that can support individual soldiers in-depth danger inspections, with high flexibility and a large search range.

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