Heavy recommendation! Foton Proco 18-ton Washing and Sweeping Truck

June 18,2024

The BJ5184TXSE6-H1 washing and sweeping vehicle is suitable for mechanized washing, sweeping, spray dust reduction and other cleaning operations on urban roads, highways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation walls, curbs and curbstone facades.

Multiple functions, one vehicle can replace multiple vehicles
It has 9 functions including road sweeping, road washing and sweeping, curb and curbstone facade washing, spray dust reduction, low-pressure washing, etc. It can be used as a road sweeper, washing and sweeping vehicle, curb cleaning vehicle and spray dust reduction vehicle.

High intelligence and high reliability
High-pressure water pumps, overflow valves, unloading valves, pneumatic clutches, etc. are from well-known domestic and foreign brands.

The fan has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, flat performance curve, wide high efficiency area, reliable operation and long service life. Its dead weight is 3-5% lighter than that of domestic fans.

One-touch operation intelligent electronic control system, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic adjustment technology, and multiple automatic protection devices.
Advanced structure and excellent performance
Adopting the technology of "center-mounted double vertical sweepers + center-mounted ultra-wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure water spray rod + left and right high-pressure side spray rods".

Casting sweeping plate swing arm and double cylinders provide stable performance.

The extra-wide nozzle increases suction power by 10-15%.

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