The first Batch of 10 Dayun N8V Hazardous Chemicals Vehicles were Delivered

June 14,2024

On June 12, 2024, accompanied by the first rays of sunshine in the morning, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 10 N8Vs for Dayun Heavy Truck’s major customers in Henan was officially held in Nanyang, Henan.

Ni Shijie, sales director of Shanxi Dayun Heavy Truck Marketing Center, and Mr. Zhang, a major customer, attended the delivery ceremony. At the beginning of the event, Manager Ni and Mr. Zhang, a major customer, walked the red carpet together, implying "always being popular". Mr. Zhang is a dangerous goods transportation customer in Henan Province. After a deep understanding of Dayun Heavy Truck's excellent production and manufacturing technology and warm service, he finally chose to order 10 Dayun N8V dangerous goods trucks.

As a star product of Dayun heavy trucks, Dayun N8V has won the favor of many truck drivers with its excellent and efficient performance. Dayun N8V is equipped with Weichai 430/460/480 engine, matched with Fast super gearbox, and optional 1000L/1350L gas cylinder. It has been widely praised since its launch.

During the event, Manager Ni handed the golden keys, which symbolize wealth, to the customers one by one, and wished every customer good luck in running the car and achieving efficient profits. The atmosphere at the delivery ceremony was very warm.

In order to help customers get familiar with the product as quickly as possible, better adapt to the product, and more thoroughly understand the product service policy, Dayun Heavy Truck Factory Engineers went to the site to provide customers with all-round guidance and answered many questions customers had during the use of the vehicle. Dayun Heavy Truck After-Sales Service Station staff also arrived at the event site and conducted all-round inspections on the delivered vehicles, allowing customers to operate with greater peace of mind.

The delivery of vehicles is just the beginning, and considerate service is the greatest reward for customers. Dayun Heavy Truck will continue to uphold the concept of "quality builds the future, service creates value", provide customers with high-quality products and services, let customers buy with confidence, use with peace of mind, and continue to lead the development of the heavy truck industry.

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