"Mobile Brain" ----Senyuan Hongma Emergency Communication Command Vehicle

June 14,2024

In order to further enhance the emergency communication and rescue capabilities, adapt to the industry development requirements of rapid emergency response to accidents and disasters, scientific and technological command and support, standardized handling and response, and intensive system construction, and enhance the emergency communication support capabilities, Senyuan Hongma has overcome difficulties, broken through technical bottlenecks, and successfully developed the "mobile brain" in the field of emergency communications - the emergency communication command vehicle.
Improve emergency communication support capabilities
The communication command vehicle relies on mature communication technology to integrate the vehicle into a multi-link, multi-dimensional, integrated organic whole as the command center for on-site emergency handling. The communication command vehicle integrates the vehicle-mounted video acquisition system, wireless audio and video transmission system, communication command system, office system, etc. to obtain real-time information more quickly, more accurately, and more timely, providing solid support for the linkage between the incident site and the remote command center, thereby achieving the effect of rapid response, unified command, and coordinated operations.
Faster, more accurate, and more timely
The emergency communication command vehicle is a "brain center" that integrates command, communication, video, data, etc. It not only realizes the efficient integration of on-board system equipment, but also achieves the integration of command vehicles and drones, command vehicles and digital integrated systems, command vehicles and various command sub-centers, and command vehicles and their own main networks, and builds a command network architecture with the command vehicle as the mobile center and scattered distribution. When encountering emergencies or disasters, the vehicle plays the role of a "vanguard" in timely, accurate, and smooth transmission of information, and is the "central nervous system" for decision makers to correctly command rescue and deal with emergencies.

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