Yutong seven-star luxury RV Yonghe flagship version MAX

June 13,2024

Full sensory immersion experience, visual, auditory, and tactile, all with a sense of respect and ritual.

Body length 5990mm
Body width 2530mm
Body height 3140mm
Equipped with imported Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 chassis, electric balance support system
2.0T turbocharged diesel engine + 9AT automatic transmission
Five types of power supply, say goodbye to charging anxiety
Luxury car-level smart electric suction door, equipped with child lock function to avoid accidental opening of the door during driving

Aviation-level executive seat, electric front and rear sliding, electric headrest, electric leg rest, vibration massage and other functions;
32-inch TV + high-end audio, enjoy the cinema version of the viewing experience
Dual system compatible app remote control car, air conditioning, vehicle lighting, battery power, one machine in hand, the whole car control;

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