SITRAK Front 4 and Rear 8 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

June 13,2024

Hook-arm garbage truck is also called pull-arm garbage truck, and the compartment can be unloaded.
The upper part is composed of the pull-arm main cylinder, the frame, the flip frame, the support leg (optional), the locking frame, the locking cylinder and the multi-way reversing valve;
One vehicle can be equipped with multiple garbage bins to achieve joint operation with garbage bins in multiple locations;
The rear cover of the garbage bin is a movable door that can be opened upwards and locked with 2 locking bolts (to prevent the garbage in the garbage compartment from being scattered on the road during the garbage transportation process and causing secondary pollution);
Opening the locking bolt can unload the garbage in the compartment at one time, which is fully hydraulically operated, easy to use and simple to operate.

The unloadable garbage truck can be used to collect domestic garbage, decoration garbage, building material garbage, etc. It can also transport materials such as sand, stone and coal, and is used for garbage collection and transportation in streets, communities, scenic spots and commercial streets.

Advantages of the hook-arm garbage truck:
1. The unloadable garbage truck has the characteristics of advanced technology, stable performance and easy operation;
2. The unique straight arm design and unique locking structure make the action more reliable;
3. The main hydraulic control components are all famous and high-quality products produced by internationally renowned companies;
4. The electrical control system is assembled with imported electrical components, with two major functions of control and alarm, and a unique interlocking function;
5. The locking of the box is exquisite, accurate and convenient.

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