Big hopper, big capacity | New ZTXA45 series mobile box

June 13,2024

ZTXA45 series mobile garbage compactor is suitable for unloading small and medium-sized garbage collection trucks at the front end, meeting the unloading needs of 8-ton compression garbage trucks. The maximum box volume can reach 22m³, solving the garbage transfer problems such as long transportation distance from small and medium-sized garbage collection trucks to the terminal, low single transfer volume, and poor operating economy.

The one-piece large hopper structure with a lifting force greater than 2t is adopted. The internal depth of the hopper is 3m, the internal width is 2.34m, and the volume is 4.5m³. It can realize the complete unloading of small and medium-sized garbage collection trucks in one time, avoiding congestion of incoming vehicles and secondary pollution caused by multiple unloading.

The compression bin volume is greater than 6m³, the single compression volume is greater than 1.7m³, a dual-pump system is adopted, the compression cycle time is less than 35s, and the hopper and push plate can move simultaneously in linkage, with high operating efficiency. The maximum compression force of the push head reaches 400kN, the garbage compression density is high and the single transfer volume is large.

The front maintenance door and rear door both adopt adjustable locking mechanism and labyrinth-type sealing strips, which have good sealing effect and avoid secondary pollution problems such as dripping, spilling and leakage during operation.

The power compartment and operation box are placed outside the operating range of the feeding mechanism. The feeding mechanism has automatic buffering and explosion-proof pipe safety devices, and multiple interlocks between various actions. The equipment has high operating safety and low noise. The system runs stably and reliably with a high degree of intelligence.

The equipment is small in size, flexible and maneuverable, and can be transferred immediately after collection. It can meet the needs of collecting and transferring domestic waste in various places such as urban and rural streets, commercial areas, residential areas, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.

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