Spraying ace! Wuzheng Environmental 15 cubic meter greening spraying vehicle!

June 12,2024

Sprinkler trucks are an indispensable part of urban life. They are a powerful assistant in purifying the environment and are responsible for protecting Mother Earth.

As the temperature gradually rises, it is the season for greening spraying trucks to "spray". In order to meet the different operational needs of urban roads, Wuzheng Environmental Protection Technology has launched a large-capacity greening spraying truck. Let us get to know it together!

Wuzheng Environmental Protection Technology's 15-cubic-meter greening sprayer is a large-capacity, large-load-bearing, high-performance product created by Wuzheng with great care. The vehicle has a compact structure, a reasonable layout, and a very comfortable driving experience.

The vehicle adopts a heavy-duty special chassis with strong power, strong carrying capacity, large tank capacity, beautiful appearance, and complete functions. It has multiple functions such as road flushing, road sprinkling, emergency fire fighting, strong flushing, spray dust reduction, gravity irrigation, etc. It is suitable for comprehensive use by professional departments such as road flushing, landscaping, construction site dust reduction, and factories and mines. It matches the functions of hedging, rear sprinkling, front sprinkling, high-pressure guns, sprinklers, self-priming ports, etc. according to the customer's operating scene to meet the customer's operating needs.
The vehicle body is made of high-quality carbon steel and welded by robots. The exterior of the tank uses automotive electrophoretic paint technology, and the interior uses asphalt anti-corrosion, which has a longer lifespan; its maximum volume can reach 15m³, and the single operation endurance is longer.
In addition, a large anti-slip platform design is set up, and the rear platform has a large space, which is convenient for operators to operate water cannons. The platform is equipped with a rear baffle to prevent people from accidentally falling, ensuring the safety of operators and more reliable operations.
Wuzheng Environmental Protection Technology has been committed to becoming a leader in comprehensive solutions for urban and rural sanitation equipment and service industries. The vehicle adopts an integrated design, has built more than 800 service outlets across the country, and launched a smart sanitation platform to connect people, vehicles, things, and objects, providing "one-stop" services for integrated sanitation operations.

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