Wuzheng Environmental Technology's train carriage cleaning truck, no residue!

June 12,2024

Wuzheng Environmental Protection Technology with the implementation and promotion of country's "Belt and Road" strategy, the cargo volume of my country's coastal ports has continued to increase. Bulk materials such as coal and ore are mainly transported to various inland areas by train after arriving at the port by sea. Because the bulk materials in the train cargo compartment will have a lot of residual materials left in the compartment after being unloaded by a tipper or unloading equipment, in order to avoid mixing of different cargoes, customers require that the empty train compartment be cleaned before loading.

Unlike opening the side door of the carriage and manually entering the carriage to clean, collect and transport, which is labor-intensive, inefficient, easy to cause dust, and incomplete cleaning, and there is also a safety risk of climbing up the carriage to clean the cargo, Wuzheng cooperated with the port to develop a train cargo cleaning vehicle product, which can realize the cleaning and collection of coal slag, mineral powder and other residual materials left at the bottom of the train cargo compartment after unloading. It is simple to operate, highly efficient and dust-free. This product not only has the function of cleaning the train cargo compartment, but also has the function of a washing and sweeping vehicle, which can wash, spray, spray and reduce dust on the train unloading platform and port roads.

Product Features
1. This product can clean and collect the residual materials such as coal slag and mineral powder left at the bottom of the train cargo compartment after unloading. It is simple to operate, highly efficient, and dust-free, fundamentally solving the safety risks of loading and unloading workers climbing up the carriage to clean the cargo compartment;

2. The multifunctional train cleaning vehicle is mainly based on a suction and sweeping vehicle, and is designed with an external cleaning device. Through new functions such as radar ranging, one-button control, high-definition monitoring, spray dust reduction, negative pressure dust suction, and automatic cleaning, the cleaning equipment can be controlled "manually + intelligently";

3. The sweeper integrates multiple functions such as spraying, dust reduction, dust suction and cleaning. Mechanized cleaning replaces manual operations. Previously, it took 20 loading and unloading workers 40 minutes to complete the cleaning of a train carriage. Now, only 2 people are needed to operate the sweeper and the operation can be completed in 30 minutes. This reduces labor, improves work efficiency, and eliminates safety hazards in human-machine cooperation.

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