Dongfeng 12 cubic meter new energy sprinkler truck

June 04,2024

Sprinklers are also called spray trucks, multi-function sprinklers, garden sprinklers, water tankers, and water trucks. It is the fourth generation of sanitation equipment independently developed and designed after 7 years of upgrading and replacement based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad. The product performance has reached the world's leading level.

The product is equipped with front flushing, rear sprinkling, side spraying, and rear-mounted working platforms. There is a high-pressure water cannon on the platform (it can rotate 360°, and the water mist shape can be adjusted to straight flushing, heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, and drizzle; the maximum range of straight flushing is ≧ 35 meters, and it can also be adjusted to mist with a maximum range of ≧ 15 meters), equipped with high-quality high-power special sprinkler pumps, brand power take-offs, debris filters, national standard universal 65-type fire interface (water can be added through fire hydrants), 1 set of self-flowing ball valve system (self-priming and self-draining, with a maximum suction range of 7 meters), and 2 water-supply steel wire hoses. It is suitable for cleaning various road surfaces, trees, green belts, lawns, roads, factory and mine construction, and high-altitude building washing. It has multiple functions such as watering, dust suppression, high (low) position spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, emergency fire fighting, etc.

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