All-disaster emergency rescue forward vehicle appears!

May 22,2024

The past single disaster rescue equipment can no longer adapt to all disasters and comprehensive emergency response. Rescue request. Facing the task forms of "all disasters" and "major emergency", it is urgent to establish a rescue system and strength that are suitable and matching. In this regard, Senyuan Homa adheres to the combat support concept of "forward support, active support, precise support, and continuous support" and closely follows the emergency rescue construction idea of "serving actual combat and ensuring victory". Senyuan Homa has fully developed the emergency rescue forward vehicle will provide a pioneering tool for the comprehensive emergency rescue team.

Senyuan Homa's forward assault vehicle has effectively solved the problem of insufficient advance disposal equipment such as fire extinguishing, search and rescue, demolition and climbing, etc. in emergency rescue according to the key points and difficulties of emergency rescue and the characteristics of multi-disaster emergency response. It can give full play to its "small, fast and smart" advance characteristics to form a first-line "pioneer" and a "sharp knife" with fast response, flexibility, efficient disposal, all-weather operations, all-region operations and all-disaster rescue capabilities.

According to reports, the forward thrust vehicle is composed of six major systems including power, protection, warning, command, support and equipment. It is an all-disaster, all-weather, all-terrain multi-functional vehicle with high passability, high performance and high cost performance. Integrated fire rescue van. It is widely used in advance treatment of fires, wind disasters, floods, earthquakes, traffic accidents and rescue in mountains and waters.

Through the integrated and modular design, the forward thrust vehicle combines five modules of cutting-edge rescue equipment, including fire extinguishing search and rescue, communication lighting, mountain rescue, water rescue and emergency support, to provide comprehensive fire rescue with an intensive and efficient advance response to all types of disasters. Disposal solutions and scientific and immediate rapid response capabilities. The all-disaster emergency rescue forward vehicle is armored and strong, demonstrating the heroic spirit of emergency rescue warriors who go through fire and water and move forward against fire.

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