Senyuan Homa's quilt washing truck, warms people's hearts

May 22,2024

In view of the current emergency rescue, flood fighting, water rescue, geological disaster rescue and other tasks, fire rescue commanders and fighters need to carry out rescue missions for a long time and across a large span. The uniform washing truck is mainly responsible for washing the uniforms of frontline commanders and fighters to ensure that the frontline firefighters and firefighters in the war can wear clean clothes. and neat clothing.

The clothes washing truck has strong working capacity and can wash and dry 50kg of clothes in a single operation. One-button control of the whole process, automatic selection of washing parameters, meeting the washing and drying needs of various fire-fighting clothes, fast. At the same time, the vehicle has a comfortable working environment and is equipped with a silent generator and silent water pump, which can effectively reduce working noise. The vehicle has excellent performance, easy operation, strong adaptability, and has self-support capabilities such as power generation, water supply, sewage collection, and lighting. It integrates elution, drying and other functions into one, and is suitable for large-scale, long-term, long-distance and high-frequency emergency rescue and logistical support for drills.

A craftsman who wishes to do his work well must first sharpen his tools.With the transformation and upgrading of emergency rescue work, Senyuan Homa's combat support equipment keeps a close eye on front-line needs, strengthens scientific and technological innovation, constantly seeks combat effectiveness from innovation, and seeks combat effectiveness from technology, uses support capabilities to stimulate combat effectiveness, and continuously injects into emergency rescue new momentum for diligent and practical combat.

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