SINOTRUCK HOWO four front and eight rear fluid supply truck

May 22,2024

Chassis configuration: Chassis model ZZ1317N466GF1, HOWO TX5; special vehicle; TX-W cab; manual rearview mirror; main air bag + auxiliary simple seat; MC07H.35-60 engine; HW13709XSTC2 gearbox + HW70 flange accessory power tool; H653 self-adjusting arm front axle (drum); MCJ11BG self-adjusting arm dual rear axle (drum); speed ratio 4.63; double-layer frame (8+5/280); front and rear standard version multi-leaf springs (11/11 /10); domestic steering gear; standard exhaust system; ABS (4S/4M); center bumper (non-metal); ordinary wheels;11.00R20; integrated electric lift with flashlight; 400L fuel tank; knob type PTO; SINOTRUK smart communication D version; mechanical power switch; terminal emission monitoring device; optional reversing buzzer; (2) Bodywork configuration: strictly refer to the announcement appearance style production, tank thickness is made of 5mm high-quality carbon steel plate, square tank, tank volume 30 square meters, with 80-60 self-priming and self-draining pump, two ordinary tank mouths, four independent folding guardrails, hydraulic head, double-door toolbox on both sides, with a 150 butterfly valve self-flowing at the end of the tank, new fenders, iron barrel, mesh walkway, thickened rear ladder, two oil pipes with a diameter of two inches, with a license plate light holder, on the driver's side There is a small tool box and two eight-kilogram fire extinguishers at the rear, and the rest are standard in the factory. Paint: gray.

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