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May 22,2024

On May 20, 2024, the delivery ceremony of 50 units of Aumark new energy to high-end customers in the cold chain warehousing industry in the northwest region was held grandly. The delivery of 50 new energy refrigerated trucks this time is not only another proof that Aumark’s new energy refrigerated trucks have won the trust of users with its excellent product performance, but also continues the industry legend of “the best cold chain brother” in the new energy era. At the same time, it will use its excellent operational performance to help partners operate efficiently, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and inject new green momentum into the development of urban distribution logistics in the northwest region.

As a leader in high-end light trucks, Aumark continues to deeply explore the cold chain transportation market, continuously innovates and upgrades cold chain products, and has gained trust and recognition from the industry and users. It is praised by users as the "No. 1 Cold Chain Brother". In response to the trend of green development, Aumark can look forward to the development needs of the industry and create an integrated solution for new energy refrigerated trucks for the cold chain transportation market. It fully inherits the group's new energy technology accumulation and resource accumulation, realizes a comprehensive layout of the three major technical routes of hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen fuel, and creates a rich new energy product portfolio, which comprehensively covers cities and suburbs, covering supermarkets, fresh meat, six major scenarios, including medicine, aquatic products, flowers, and prepared vegetables, fully meet the different needs of customers in the three categories of fresh food, processed food, and pharmaceutical products, and help the industry's green transformation.

Cold chain transportation is different from general cargo. Compared with normal temperature logistics, cold chain logistics needs to maintain low temperature and the entire cold chain to ensure the freshness and safety of items, which puts forward higher requirements for transportation equipment. The Aumark Smart Blue ES1·100-degree product delivered this time has injected new momentum into cold chain transportation with its core advantages such as precise temperature control and longer battery life. In response to the demand for long battery life of new energy refrigerated vehicles, Aumark's Smart Blue ES1·100-degree product is supported by a new generation of forward-developed pure electric platform. The vehicle architecture and core three-electric modules have been fully upgraded to achieve lightweight, reliability and battery life performance have been comprehensively improved. At the same time, the vehicle adopts a number of energy-saving measures such as ECO driving mode and braking energy recovery, and further optimizes the vehicle's flow resistance to effectively reduce energy consumption. The entire vehicle is equipped with fast charging technology, which can charge from 20% to 80% in less than 40 minutes, effectively alleviating users' range anxiety and allowing goods to be delivered to users faster and better.

Refrigeration effect and temperature control capabilities are the core of cold chain transportation. In response to constant-temperature transportation needs, Aumark adheres to the concept of in-depth customization and actively links with leading upper and body companies to give the vehicle excellent performance through integrated development of chassis and upper body. The vehicle PEU of Aumark's Smart Blue ES1·100 degree product delivered this time adds a professional high-voltage power supply interface for the cold machine to achieve integrated control of vehicle power and energy consumption, improve reliability and reduce vehicle energy consumption. The upper body and chassis share a cooling system to achieve precise control and matching, further ensuring efficient operations.

While the chassis and upper body are integrated, the entire vehicle is also equipped with an intelligent temperature and humidity recorder to achieve more precise temperature control. The minimum refrigeration temperature of the carriage can reach minus 18°C, and the temperature error does not exceed ±0.5°C. It fully meets the temperature control requirements of cold chain transportation with its stable and constant temperature capabilities, reduces cargo losses caused by vehicle problems, and improves operational efficiency.
Excellent product performance lays a solid foundation for cold chain transportation, and high-quality services provide a solid guarantee for cold chain transportation. While providing high-performance refrigerated trucks, Omar has also established a customized service guarantee strategy for the new energy cold chain industry. Through customized, professional and heart-warming service measures, we provide cold chain customers with a "fast, professional and excellent" service experience and protect cold chain transportation. These include professional customized services, 30-minute rapid response, 24-hour rapid maintenance, etc., with a high-quality service attitude to solve users' car worries with one click. In addition, the vehicle's battery has an 8-year, 500,000-kilometer long warranty and the application of a maintenance-free rear axle provides excellent quality assurance and high reliability for the vehicle.
At the same time, Aumark has also built a digital intelligence platform for cold chain logistics, which can realize real-time control of vehicle locations, real-time reporting of vehicle faults, and daily inspection of operation analysis. It can realize food ingredients through intelligent upgrades. The demand for "continuous chaining throughout the entire transportation process" can calmly cope with complex urban road conditions, ensure timely delivery of delicious ingredients, ready-to-eat food and other goods, and increase operating income with high efficiency.
Technology leads and value rises. This batch delivery to a major customer is not only the user's trust in the Aumark brand and recognition of the products, but also a powerful manifestation of Aumark 's new energy refrigerated trucks' contribution to the "Government Work Report". In the future, Aumark will always adhere to the "customer-centric" concept, provide high-quality products to customers in multiple fields and industries, and continue to contribute to the green transformation of urban logistics.

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