Jiefang first four rear six ordinary liquid transport trucks

May 21,2024

Chassis model: CA1310P1K2L7T10BE6A80
Vehicle size mm: 11000×2550×3400
Tank size mm: 8400×2450×1700
Total mass: 31000 Kg
Rated load mass: 17770 Kg
Curb weight: 13100Kg
Actual tank volume: 29 cubic meters
Effective volume of tank: 20.53 cubic meters
Medium: Ordinary liquid

1) Chassis configuration: Adopt Jiefang chassis with four front and six rear chassis, chassis model CA1310P1K2L7T10BE6A80, wheelbase: 1900+4160+1350, 290 horsepower engine, air conditioning, electric doors and windows, and central locking. With domestic EBS, 295/80R22.5-16 tubeless tires, 10 gears.
2) Body configuration: Volume 29 square meters, tank thickness 5mm made of carbon steel, square and round tank, two ordinary tank mouths, folding guardrail, hydraulic head, with self-priming and self-draining 80-60 pump, installed on the passenger side. On one side, there is a double-door toolbox on the driving side, with a license plate light holder and a small toolbox, and the rest are standard in the factory.

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