Yutong RV protects a cool summer!

May 21,2024

Say goodbye to Spring, the hot weather comes unexpectedly. Traveling in an RV will undoubtedly bring more “challenges”. The summer sunshine brings vitality to all things, but the high temperature and rainy weather also make going out less comfortable and put forward higher requirements for vehicle performance.

In order to allow RV owners to better enjoy their summer travel life, the Yutong special vehicle after-sales service team conducted full vehicle safety inspections on the vehicles of RV customers invited to the station. The inspection includes engine and ancillary systems, clutch, gearbox and transmission system, steering system inspection, braking system, suspension system, front and rear axles, cooling system, reducer, electrical system, etc. to ensure that the vehicle is in optimal condition.
At the same time, the service team also carries out door-to-door visits and vehicle inspection activities for key customers, using professional and efficient services to relieve customers from worries. During the service process, in addition to system inspection of the entire vehicle, the service team also conducted a detailed inspection of the vehicle's air conditioning system. Including filter cleaning, functional testing, etc., allowing riders to spend the hot summer safely.
Every meticulous inspection and every drop of sweat on the face reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Yutong’s after-sales service team, and has won high praise from customers.

When a customer buys a favorite RV, it is just the beginning of RV consumption. Humanized after-sales service can leverage a stronger quality consumption experience. Yutong has always adhered to "customer-centric" and established 13 wholly-owned service experience centers and more than 1,600 cooperative service stations across the country, forming a diversified service network with self-built central stations as the core and cooperative service stations as the basis. 
The after-sales service team is "on call" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing timely response and efficient service, relieving car owners from worries and allowing them to truly enjoy the unique charm of RV life.
The service does not stop and the steps do not stop. In the future, Yutong RV will continue to use its all-round strength, safe and worry-free quality and safe services to give riders the confidence to travel to the mountains and seas, and see every scenery together!

Source : www.chinaspv.com

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