The results of the longest heating time challenge of refrigerated truck

May 21,2024

On May 17, 2024, the sun was scorching the earth like a flame, but what was even hotter than the scorching sun was the atmosphere at the China Commercial Vehicle Performance Extreme Challenge.
Demonstration of technological breakthroughs and innovations in refrigerated trucks
As a rising star in the refrigerated truck industry, Hubei YI ZHUAN Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YI ZHUAN Automobile has ambitiously entered this stage with their latest research and development of refrigerated truck products.
YI ZHUAN refrigerated truck is ready to take on the challenge in the Special Vehicle Comprehensive Environmental Laboratory
The project of this challenge is "F-class refrigerated truck heating time limit challenge in 40℃ environment". This is not only the first Chinese commercial vehicle performance extreme challenge in the special vehicle industry, but also a major test of the R&D strength and technical level of a specialized refrigerated truck.
Refrigerated trucks are an indispensable vehicle in the modern logistics system, and their refrigeration performance is directly related to the quality and safety of goods. According to relevant research, the better the insulation performance of the refrigerated truck, the lower the refrigeration power required, which can not only reduce energy consumption, but also extend the service life of the refrigerated truck. This is particularly important today when environmental protection and energy conservation have become social hot topics.
YIZHUAN Automobile is well aware of this. The refrigerated carriage body of this challenge incorporates the new third-generation technology of YIZHUAN polyurethane foam. It is a new generation of efficient refrigerated and insulated compartments. YIZHUAN Automobile hopes to demonstrate to the industry through this challenge own breakthroughs and innovations in refrigerated carriage body technology.
Check before challenge
Close the door and prepare to start the challenge

Data monitoring
150 minutes and 10 seconds! Challenge successful!
This challenge has received strong support from authoritative industry organizations such as Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute and the National Automotive Standardization Committee Special Purpose Vehicle Sub-Technical Committee. The project testing was carried out by a national third-party laboratory - China Automotive Research Institute Automobile Inspection Center (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Special Automobile Comprehensive Environmental Laboratory.
Challenge in progress
The basis of the project is CCVC-JSGF-D0001 "Refrigerated Truck Thermal Insulation Performance Heating Time Test Procedure". A 6.8-meter refrigerated truck tests the heating time from -20°C to 0°C after the refrigeration unit stops working. The goal of the challenge is to increase the temperature. Time ≥140 minutes!

CVC-JSGF-D0001 "Refrigerated Truck Insulation Performance Heating Time Test Procedure"
After review by the China Commercial Vehicle Performance Extreme Challenge Organizing Committee, the final score of the -20°C to 0°C heating time after the refrigerated truck's "Zhuanzhi" mechanical refrigeration two-axle total mass 18,000kg refrigerated truck stopped working was 150 minutes and 10 seconds. , challenge successful!
The score of 150 minutes and 10 seconds also set a new record for the longest heating time of Class F refrigerated trucks in the CCVC database’s best dedicated performance category in a 40°C environment!

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