Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck fully meets the cold chain peak season

May 20,2024

As the temperature gets higher and higher, the market demand for fresh cold food, cold drinks and quick-frozen foods has also increased, and the cold chain transportation market has entered the peak season simultaneously. Carry out the cold chain transportation opportunity in summer and create wealth efficiently, it is extremely important to choose a reliable refrigerated truck. Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck has become the first choice for cold chain transportation users to create wealth by virtue of its product advantages of sufficient power, fast cooling, and high reliability.

Fast cooling, strong power, efficient harvest of "freshness"
Cold chain transportation has tight time and high frequency, so cold chain transportation has extremely high requirements on timeliness. Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck is equipped with Chenglong's "Loongson Power" 290 and 320 horsepower engines. It adopts high-pressure common rail technology to maintain strong output under all working conditions. At the same time, in order to ensure the timeliness of transportation, the high-horsepower engine makes the vehicle accelerate faster and climb hills. What's more, you can get "freshness" all the way under various working conditions.
Cold chain logistics is a key link in food safety, and a low-temperature environment needs to be maintained to ensure product quality, reduce losses and prevent contamination. The Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck power system has undergone rigorous verification for millions of kilometers and is matched with a high-power generator. The cooling speed is increased by 16%, ensuring the quality and safety of refrigerated goods at all times and preventing goods loss.

Save fuel and consumption, make more money with less weight
The engine body of Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck has been comprehensively upgraded, and its fuel economy is 3%-6% ahead of competing products. It can save 2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Calculated based on operating 100,000 kilometers per year, it can save more than 15,000 yuan in fuel expenses, allowing users to save fuel and earn more. It also has an oil change interval of up to 90,000 kilometers for domestic medium-sized engines, which can save 2,000 yuan in maintenance costs every year.
The whole vehicle is equipped with a synchronizer gearbox, which has sufficient power, is not easy to break, and is easier to operate. The standard fluid buffer reduces friction plate wear, lower operating costs and safer driving. At the same time, the body uses lightweight aluminum rims, aluminum alloy air reservoirs, and aluminum alloy large fuel tanks to reduce weight and resist rust and corrosion. It is equipped with a generous cargo compartment to achieve compliance and make more money easily.

High reliability, superior comfort
Refrigerated trucks mostly transport frozen and refrigerated fresh goods, so they have stricter requirements on corrosion resistance and reliability. The Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck is equipped with an anti-corrosion girder made of spray-plastic technology. It has been baked at high temperatures and is not prone to rust. The key components are from well-known domestic and foreign brands, so the quality is more guaranteed.
Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck also adopts a large sleeper cab and flat floor design. The internal net height reaches 1.92 meters, and the sleeper is wider, reaching 81 centimeters, making it more comfortable for drivers to rest. The entire vehicle also uses the Chenglong V+ Internet of Vehicles system, which has online monitoring, remote operation, and automatic diagnosis functions, making it a personal car butler.

The Chenglong H5 refrigerated truck has solved the pain points in cold chain transportation with its many innovative designs, bringing a vehicle experience of high efficiency, low fuel consumption, fast cooling, and high reliability. It has become a good choice for cold chain transportation truck lovers to create wealth efficiently.

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