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May 14,2024

With the high-quality development of urban distribution transportation, the trend of cold chain transportation is spreading from small to large in the commercial vehicle market. As the king of Aumark, how should Aumark deal with challengers from all directions? User-centered, sincerity for sincerity! The integrated solution for new energy refrigerated trucks is officially released!
Aumark can analyze the cold chain transportation scenario from a professional perspective and create an integrated transportation solution for new energy refrigerated trucks based on years of deep accumulation in cold chain transportation. Under the trend of the era of new energy transformation of commercial vehicles, , look forward to the trends of the cold chain transportation industry, and fully meet the transportation needs of cold chain users.

Four major routes + multiple products fully cover the cold chain transportation market
Since the establishment of the Aumark brand, it has locked onto the cold chain transportation market, continuously innovated and upgraded cold chain products, and gained trust and recognition from the industry and users. It was hailed as the "No. 1 Cold Chain Brother" by users and has become a mid-to-high-end cold chain transportation company. The first brand in the industry, and has always been a leader in the field of excellence for everyone. In 2023, the high-end cold chain market share of Aumark will reach 39.1%, achieving leadership for 8 consecutive years.
This time, Aumark can deeply customize the needs of cold chain transportation users and create an integrated solution for new energy refrigerated trucks, injecting new connotation into the "cold chain brother". On the basis of traditional fuel technology route products, we have actively laid out the three major power routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel, and comprehensively led the cold chain market, covering urban, suburban, and intercity roads, including supermarkets, fresh meat, medicine, and aquatic products. In six major scenarios, including fresh food, processed food, and pharmaceutical products, it fully meets the different needs of customers and realizes a new direction in cold chain transportation scenarios with different product combinations.

Aumark can rely on Foton Motor's 20 years of profound accumulation in the new energy field to fully cover cold chain transportation scenarios with different product combinations. The pure electric line is dominated by the two pure electric series products of Aumark Smart Blue EX and ES1, covering a rich product portfolio with various power configurations from 64 to 123 kilowatt hours to meet the needs of different working conditions. Hybrid products include two technical routes: P2 and PS. P2 products are matched with Ocon power and the power is upgraded to 132kw. Hydrogen fuel products rely on Foton Motor's more than 10 years of technology accumulation and have the characteristics of ultra-long battery life, strong temperature adaptability, high thermal efficiency, ultra-safety, and high economy. Of course, as the undisputed leader of high-end light trucks, Aumark’s position as the king of traditional fuel routes cannot be shaken.
By giving back to users with high-end products and deeply exploring the cold chain transportation market with a comprehensive layout, Aumark can set a new benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of the cold chain industry with a firm attitude.
In-depth customization to create a new cold chain transportation ecology with specialization and high-end
Cold chain transportation is a high-end transportation that protects people's livelihood, but the market ecology can hardly be called high-end. Each link such as the chassis, cabin factory, and refrigeration machine is working independently. Neither the matching of the product nor the after-sales service of the product can be effectively guaranteed. Problems such as product confusion, poor refrigeration effect, and mismatched refrigeration machine upper parts have become troublesome. Difficulties faced by users, integrating upstream and downstream enterprises, strengthening the integrated customization of refrigerated trucks, and ensuring the quality of after-sales services have become imperative in the current cold chain transportation industry. The integrated solution of Aumark new energy refrigerated trucks is based on professionalism and High-end has shaped the new ecology of cold chain transportation.
The integrated solution of Aumark new energy refrigerated trucks unites the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to implement integrated research and development, integrated bodywork, and integrated services from the aspects of chassis and bodywork to solve the problems encountered by users in cold chain transportation. According to the pain points and difficulties, the cold chain resources have been exclusively developed to greatly enhance the adaptability to the scenarios, and a customized service guarantee strategy for the new energy cold chain industry has been established to provide cold chain customers with customized, professional and heart-warming service measures. "Fast, professional and excellent" service experience protects cold chain transportation, including professional customized services, 30-minute rapid response, 24-hour rapid maintenance, etc., with a high-quality service attitude to solve users' car worries with one click .
The progress of the times and the progress of science and technology are ultimately reflected in the progress of people's living standards. Cold chain transportation plays an important role in ensuring people's livelihood. The previous cold chain transportation methods no longer meet the needs of the general public. , there is an urgent need for new cold chain transportation solutions to ensure the people's increasingly improving living standards. Aumark adhere to the principle of user first, seize the exploration of the spirit of innovation, and respond to the situation with the new energy refrigerated truck integration of Aumark. The solution is its best interpretation of the "No. 1 Cold Chain" and is the cornerstone of users' continued trust.

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