The 6000th Yutong New Energy Sanitation Vehicle Rolled Off the Assembly Line

January 05,2024

On December 22nd, the 6000th new energy sanitation vehicle of Yutong Huanwei was officially rolled off the assembly line in Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. With this brand-new 18t pure electric low-entrance cleaning vehicle slowly driving out of the production line and delivered to Xingdun Property Services Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingdun Group), Yutong Huanwei has also become the first vehicle enterprise in the sanitation industry to achieve this milestone.

The low-entrance series vehicles are the innovative works of Yutong Huanwei in recent years. The whole vehicle adopts many core technologies of Yutong, which opens a precedent for domestic high-end new energy sanitation equipment. Feng Baoquan, vice president of Xingdun Property Services Group Co., Ltd. said: "Xingdun Group has purchased a variety of low-entrance models from Yutong Huanwei for many times. With reliable vehicle quality and efficient and convenient after-sales service guarantee, it is, in effect, the icing on the cake for urban road cleaning."

Yutong Huanwei New Energy Sanitation Vehicle has been leading the industry for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022. In 2022, Yutong Huanwei held a market share of up to 29.3% in the New Energy market.

Looking ahead, Yutong Sanitation will continue to deepen multi-party cooperation and join hands with industry partners to promote the domestic sanitation equipment industry to high-end, green and intelligent development, and promote the promotion and application of new energy sanitation vehicles in the world.

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