Sany's Self-developed Core Equipment Achieves Breakthrough

September 28,2023

September 28, 2023, China, Recently, a heterojunction experimental line built with PECVD and PVD technologies, developed by Sany Silicon Energy Equipment Company, achieved a record-breaking efficiency of 25.29% for heterojunction solar cells.
This breakthrough demonstrates the outstanding process performance and reliability of the in-house developed equipment, establishing a solid foundation for the industrialization of Sany's heterojunction solar cell equipment.
The heterojunction experimental line by Sany achieved a solar cell efficiency of 25.29% for the first time. Future developments include the implementation of double-sided microcrystalline technology, which holds the promise of further improving efficiency.

Sany Silicon Energy Equipment Company initiated the project for PECVD and PVD technologies in 2022, and within a short period, completed tasks such as solution design, manufacturing assembly, commissioning, and performance optimization, providing strong support for high-efficiency solar cell production.

Currently, the self-developed equipment is in version 1.0, with version 2.0 steadily in progress. The creation of high-capacity, high-efficiency, and low-cost heterojunction solar cell equipment is on the horizon, contributing to Sany's commitment to the large-scale industrialization of heterojunction solar cells.

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