Fulongma vertical garbage transfer station

May 25,2023

May 25, 2023, China, Fulongma, a leading company in waste management solutions, has developed a large-scale vertical garbage transfer station capable of processing over 1,000 tons of waste per day.

The Fulongma vertical garbage transfer station utilizes a vertical container compression transfer process, making it suitable for the construction of large-scale transfer stations with a daily processing capacity of 1,000 tons or more. It features a high garbage processing capacity, a high level of automation, and a wide service range. By combining different unloading positions, waste can be sorted and transferred accordingly.
Through the integration of weighing data, head pressure, container loading capacity, and other data models, the central control system serves as the information integration center, enabling online monitoring of data and remote control of equipment. This allows for automated allocation and compression processes.

The waste is deposited into vertically arranged containers, utilizing the weight of the waste, and further compressed vertically using a compactor. The compacted waste achieves a density of 650 kg/m³ to 800 kg/m³, allowing for large single-load transfers. Waste transfer is carried out using articulated-arm trucks, which can accommodate multiple containers, resulting in high equipment utilization and low operational energy consumption.

To address gases generated during operations, the station employs plant liquid spraying and negative pressure ventilation odor control techniques to ensure compliance with emission standards. The station is equipped with air curtains and rapid rolling doors to prevent odor leakage. Additionally, an ion fresh air system is used to supply fresh air to the transfer station. Wastewater generated during operations is collected using a vacuum suction system to prevent any potential leaks during the transfer process. The collected wastewater is treated through concealed engineering, ensuring centralized treatment and orderly discharge in compliance with standards.

The LYC30 large-scale vertical compression garbage transfer station represents a breakthrough and innovation in waste transfer station technology by Fulongma Group. We will continue to respond to the call for green development in our country and promote the development of environmental sanitation with a spirit of craftsmanship.

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