XCMG aerial work machinery ranks No.3 worldwide

May 23,2023

May 23, 20233, Chin,a Recently, "Access International," an authoritative magazine under the UK-based KHL Group, released the "Top 20 Global Aerial Work Machinery Manufacturers in 2022" list (Access M20). XCMG has risen two places in the ranking, becoming the top manufacturer in China and the third globally.
Under its internationalization strategy, XCMG's aerial work platform division has been expanding its global market presence and investing in resources. It continuously enhances lean manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. By improving adaptability of overseas products and optimizing the layout of global specialized marketing service networks, XCMG has achieved remarkable progress in its global development process, demonstrating high-quality growth and overtaking competitors.

Currently, XCMG's aerial work platform division has obtained the most stringent certifications, including the European CE certification, North American ANSI certification, and Australian AS/NZS1418 certification. The products are user-friendly, efficient, safe, reliable, and perform exceptionally well, meeting the diverse needs of global customers. With products sold in over 60 countries and regions, export sales have consistently shown rapid growth, showcasing XCMG's brand influence and product competitiveness to the world.

In recent years, XCMG's aerial work platform division has continuously upgraded and innovated its traditional diesel-powered products. Leveraging the industry-leading LINGYUN K series platform, it has independently developed more than 50 new energy aerial work machinery products, achieving both environmental protection and cost reduction. These efforts have garnered high recognition from the market and customers.

With years of technological accumulation, XCMG has achieved significant breakthroughs in major technological innovations, such as equipment intelligence, production automation, component modularization, digitalized management, and lean flexible manufacturing. XCMG is committed to meeting different aerial work requirements, leading the industry at the forefront of industrial development in terms of product safety, environmental friendliness, and ease of operation.

In the future, XCMG aerial work machinery will continue to promote transformation and upgrading in terms of "high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented, and international" aspects. By strengthening both originality and heritage, XCMG will make a strong impact on the global industry "summit" and lead the way in industrial development.

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