CIMC Vehicles and Conch Cement reached cooperation

March 15,2023

March 15, 2023, Anhui, China, On March 7, CIMC Vehicles and Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the headquarters of Conch Group in Wuhu, Anhui.
CIMC Vehicles Group is a world-leading high-end manufacturer of semi-trailers and special-purpose vehicles. Adhering to the business philosophy of "transoceanic operation and local manufacturing", it has formed industry-leading operational and technological advantages around "focus and innovation". Conch Cement is the first A+H share listed company in the cement industry, and has obtained the highest international credit rating in the industry.

Conch Cement and CIMC Vehicles have been good friends and partners for a long time. CIMC Vehicles has strong channel advantages in the transportation of commercial concrete, cement, and sand and gravel aggregates. Conch Cement has comprehensive resource advantages. It is hoped that both parties will continue to give full play to complementary advantages, deepen and expand cooperation fields around the upstream and downstream ecological circles such as cement, commercial mixing, and aggregates, and actively make breakthroughs in extending, supplementing and strengthening the chain, so as to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results, and development.

Wang Zhujiang, Senior Vice President of CIMC Vehicles and General Manager of Qiangguan Tanker Business Group, said, "CIMC Vehicles and Conch Group are both leading enterprises in the global industry. Compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap between China's logistics industry, especially B2B logistics, which is still in a relatively backward and unhealthy state of development. Problems such as pollution, overloading, and safety in transportation are urgently needed for upgrading and transformation. Under this background, responsible and powerful enterprises are required to take the lead in this work. CIMC Vehicles expects to join hands with Conch Cement to jointly change the B2B logistics situation in China and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.”

In 2023, China's economic development will enter a new stage of high-quality development. The strong alliance between CIMC Vehicles and Conch Cement points out the future development direction of the B2B logistics industry. On the basis of strategic cooperation, the two parties have injected a steady stream of impetus into the evolution of the new business system of the global cement industry and the high-quality development of the industry.

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