Yutong hydrogen fuel refrigerated trucks drive the future

August 05,2022

As one of the most promising energy types in the 21st century, hydrogen fuel has already attracted global attention.

Yutong hydrogen fuel refrigerated trucks have also attracted the attention of many logistics companies due to zero emission, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Mature and safe high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage, with solid material to avoid hydrogen leakage.

Hydrogen-electricity-coupling safety collaborative control is realized to monitor and respond to hydrogen leakage and collision in real time, and automatically cut off hydrogen supply in case of leakage or collision.

Block hydrogen and flammable and explosive electrical devices to avoid explosion hazards. All insulating materials used in the battery system are flame retardant materials.

The protection level of the battery, motor and motor controller reaches IP68+IP6K9K, which meets the needs for safety requirements of severe weather such as heavy rain and waterlogging.

Hydrogen fuel energy output is more efficient and can reduce operating costs.

The hydrogenation time of Yutong hydrogen fuel refrigerated truck is about 3-5 minutes, which greatly saves operation preparation time and improves operation efficiency.

Central electric drive axle ensures light weight and high transmission efficiency.

Equipped with the second-generation new energy vehicle terminal independently developed by Yutong, the hydrogen fuel refrigerated truck integrates vehicle data collection, vehicle operation analysis, platform operation management, 4G wireless communication, and positioning functions. The new energy remote monitoring platform realizes fault diagnosis, energy consumption management and other functions to comprehensively analyze various operational data such as vehicle mileage, failure, energy consumption, etc., and generate various operational reports based on the actual business of customers to help vehicle safe and efficient operation.

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