CIMC RJST and Shacman Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

June 22,2022

June 22, 2022, Shaanxi, China, On June 221, Wang Zhujiang, vice president of CIMC Vehicles and president of CIMC RJST, visited Shacman with a delegation to have deep and wide communication about the cooperation between two parties.

Wang noted that Shacman is a well-known heavy-duty truck manufacturer in China and has whole series industrial-chain advantage. CIMC RJST cooperated with Shacman and has achieved great success, which laid a solid foundation for the cooperation. In the future, both parties will deepen cooperation level, make full use of each other’s advanced resources and improve market share together.

Zhi Baojing, general manager of Shacman, suggested that both parties maintain frequent contact, establish deeper and longer strategic cooperation partnership and realize the win-win results.

The two parties signed a 5-year strategic cooperation agreement during the meeting. In the future, CIMC RJST and Shacman will promote the high-quality development of each other through comprehensive cooperation. 

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