Yaxing Mobile Medical Vehicle Ready to Export to Angola in Africa

December 02,2014

www.chinaspv.com: As known from Yaxing Bus on 27 Nov.2014, the first mobile medical vehicle produced by Yaxing will export to Angola in Africa.

It is learnt that three functional areas deployed in this vehicle are a dental clinic, a consulting room and an examination room at the rear. Around a hundred people will be served daily then.

In the vehicle body (12-meter high and over 3-meter high), facilities are available in varieties such as dental comprehensive chairs, sickbeds and medical appliances kits, so to speak a small mobile hospital. As the first vehicle at such purpose, it will be delivered to Angola soon, manufactured by Yaxing and Weichai.

As for terrible road conditions in Angola, Yaxing technology designers put enough efforts. “We specially raise the chassis and make design as well as adjustment of the height of the interior vehicle based on the fact of the local roads and higher of the local people than the Asian.” Said by the staff of the builder.

Source : www.chinaspv.com


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