XCMG Brazil's first trenchless machinery promotion conference successfully held

November 30,2021

November 30, 2021, Brazil, Recently, XCMG Brazil's first complete set of products promotion conference for Trenchless foundation construction was successfully held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new products on display on the same day include XZ4055 horizontal directional drilling rig, XG500E diaphragm wall hydraulic grab and XR160E-CFA long screw drilling rig.

For the innovation and sustainability of foundation construction, XCMG Brazil has also set up a special trenchless technical team to provide better and convenient services for Brazilian customers. As a Brazilian trenchless Association, ABRAT also stressed that XCMG is an important driving force in Brazil. President Helio said that since 2009, China has been Brazil's largest partner. XCMG's support in the trenchless field has greatly improved the work efficiency of foundation construction equipment. For example, it is reflected in the optical fiber part, which will make the work cleaner, easier and more environmentally friendly. Thank XCMG for its continuous investment, development and innovation in this regard.

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