Fulongma Opens Unmanned Era in Sanitation Work

September 18,2021

"Fulongma" unmanned road sweeper is a miniaturized intelligent device in keeping with the current trend of intelligentization. The whole machine is driven by pure electric, maneuverable and flexible, and has strong cleaning ability, which is especially suitable for urban auxiliary roads, narrow roads, non-motorized vehicle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenic belts, parks, schools, scenic spots, residential areas etc. At present, it has been put into actual operation in Xiamen, Longyan, Anyang and other cities.
The intelligent driving system adopts GPS+RTK high-precision positioning and laser+inertial navigation tightly coupled positioning to recognize map features and automatic driving, with an accuracy error of less than 5cm, to achieve full coverage of the cleaning area without leaving dead spots.

A variety of sensors are arranged in the vehicle body, and the deceleration decision can be made when detecting obstacles during the automatic driving process and common obstacles can be automatically bypassed.

The mobile APP can be used for task planning, remote wake-up and automatic driving, etc., to facilitate timely understanding of vehicle information and improve the efficiency of sanitation operations; at the same time, it has OTA services, which can greatly reduce labor and maintenance costs, improve system performance, and repair system risks.

After completing cleaning operation, the garbage can be automatically dumped at the designated location, and the whole process from starting operation, unloading to parking can be realized without unmanned operation, which greatly improves the intelligence of sanitation and saves social productivity costs.

"Fulongma" unmanned road sweeper has achieved a safe operation of 3000+ hours and an operating mileage of over 10,000 kilometers. The automatic driving system is stable and reliable, realizing the staff reduction and efficiency increase in the operation of environmental sanitation projects.

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