Qingling Hydrogen Cell Trucks Delivered to Customers

August 18,2021

August 18, 2021, Chongqing, China, After first batch of Qingling M series hydrogen cell vehicles equipped with Bosch hydrogen power system went offline on August 7, Qingling Group held a ceremony of signing and vehicle delivery on August 13.

The delivered hydrogen cell vehicles are equipped with Bosch hydrogen power system, which represent advanced level of domestic fuel cell commercial vehicles, especially the power density and peak efficiency even meet China fuel cell commercial vehicle 2030 technical requirements.

Qingling hydrogen cell vehicles have good performance and long life and the power response rate can meet demands for different road conditions. The vehicle can adjust different temperature and environment with cold start ability lower than -30℃. Hydrogenation can be finished within 3 to 5 minutes, and the fuel cell has a life of 30,000h, reaching ASIL-B international function safety class.

The offline fuel cell commercial vehicles will be used in city logistics, cold-chain transportation, sanitation and other markets. Besides, except medium-duty trucks, Qingling will launch 18t, 31t and 49t medium and heavy-duty trucks and achieve full coverage from 7.5t to 49t commercial vehicles.

Source : chinaspv.com

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