Two new road sweepers purchase in Wuhan

April 22,2010

(, March 29, 2010) Two new multi-function road sweepers have been procured by Wuhan, and each costs 700,000 yuan. This sweeper has four functions; including machine sweeping, wash sweeping, curb cleaning, and water sprinkle.

Besides the multi-function, the second advantage of the sweeper is cost saving. For example, all kinds of sanitation vehicles will be dispatched 20 times every day and clean the main road and secondary main road for 5,700,000 square meters. Four vehicles will do this job in the past, while one can finish it now.

Another important advantage of this vehicle is water saving, and non-disturbing to residents. Since the new road sweeper put in use, the consumption water volume is 1/4 of the previous one. It can clean the road one time and the cleaning rate is above 90%, and no back water will be left.


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