An electric cash truck to run in World Expo

March 29,2010

(, March 29, 2010) 21 sightseeing electric vehicles for World Expo was delivered to the park and began commissioning on March 23 according to “Oriental Morning Report”. Another 100 more 4-wheel sightseeing electric vehicles, security protection vehicles, and ambulances will be delivered on April, 4. More than three hundred 2-wheel electric vehicles will be delivered on April 10 from Wuxi production base.

During World Expo, an electric cash truck with 8 persons on will be running in the park in order to carry the cash from each individual sales spot. The cash truck is similar to ordinary electric vehicle in appearance, while the former will be armed with police man. The cash carrier about 1 cubic is to be made in special material and has the ability to carry about 500 kilogram coins.

It is learned that the first two new energy cash truck has been approved and are waiting for delivery and commissioning. 1200 square meters electric vehicles repairing area is set up around Japanese and Korean embassy in A area, and fast reaction mechanism in 3 hrs has been established, and the professional service team will provide 24 hrs technical support.


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