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Wuhu CIMC Ruijiang Automobile Co., Ltd. is a key member and tank manufacturer of CIMC Group in Wuhu, Anhui. CIMC Ruijiang actively responds to national policies and puts forward “dual circulation” and intelligent technology theme strategies to completely distribute whole value chain digital lighthouse and devotes to achieving leading position in technology, technique, quality and profit.
CIMC Rujiang is national key high-tech enterprise, national “green supply chain demonstration enterprise”,provincial enterprise technology center, provincial Industry-University-Research (IUR) demonstration enterprise, provincial green factory and Wuhu municipal government quality award, and owns multiple professional qualifications and 148 national product patents including Classification Society Certification, Pressure Vessel License, ASME Certification, CCC Certification and Aluminium Alloy Tank Truck China Torch Program Certification, etc.

CIMC always gives priority to customers, provides customers with safer, more effective and more professional special vehicles and services and has built marketing service network covering China, Asia, Africa, South America, East Europe and other international markets. Based on CIMC Group’s global operation platform, tank truck, mixer truck and granule tank truck of CIMC Rujiang continue to bring in and absorb the most advanced international special vehicle products and techniques and ensure Ruijiang products’ leading position in global industry. At present, CIMC Ruijiang ranks the first in sales of tank truck, granule tank truck and mixer truck in China and becomes a leader in China tank truck industry.

Ruijiang tanker, main product of CIMC Ruijiang, will devote to becoming world-leading professional tanker brand through high quality product, perfect marketing network and customer-centric service system.

Professional mixer truck: customized for concrete transportation

Ruijiang mixer truck can better solve segregation and environment protection problems through professional design and is the well-known brand with the fastest sale growth within the industry.
Ruijiang mixer truck grafted with Hongyan chassis provides customers with excellent products relying on “safe, reliable, powerful, economic, comfortable and high quality” performances.
Ruijiang mixer truck consists of full trailer and semi-trailer series.

Professional granule tank truck: a combination between light weight and security

Relying on over ten years’ R&D and rich experience accumulated from production, Ruijiang granule tank truck continues to make breakthrough by high-end application and research. CIMC Ruijiang is one of the largest powder and particle material transportation vehicle manufacturers in China now.
Ruijiang granule tank truck combines light weight and security and has six advantages including “light self-weight and high value; high security and durability; high loading capacity and fast unloading; perfect spray and high hedging; wide applied range”.

Safe tank truck: guarantee safety with high-tech manufacture

Ruijiang tank truck first adopts European all-bearing structure in tank body R&D and avoid tank crack and leakage risks caused by local stress concentration. It also adopts P+T full automatic welding, robot full automatic welding, a molding of 3,000t stamping equipment and numerical control veneer reeling machine and other new techniques and equipment. Ruijiang tank truck makes science and technology become strong power for safety guarantee.
Ruijiang tank truck has advantages of “advanced structure, economy, safety and anti-corrosion”, which can promote tank truck to move towards safety, intelligence and interconnection. 


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