Zhongtong Compressed Refuse Collector

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Famous Chassis, Excellent Power

It adopts the domestic famous-brand chassis, and features excellent power, fuel economy and good operational stability.

Standard Emission, Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction

The engine emission reaches the national IV standard.

Imported Hydraulic Components, Faster Response

The key hydraulic components are imported with original packaging, and feature fast system response, simple operation, reliable operation and low failure rate.

Bidirectional Hydraulic Control, Higher Efficiency

The precompressor is featured by large volume, high efficiency, bidirectional hydraulic compression technology, adjustable backpressure of push plate, and more than 700-800kg/m³ after garbage compression.

Draw Back, Reduce Damage

The hydraulic system can draw back in case of blocking so as to avoid damage to the box.

Double Pump Circuit, Lower Pollution

It adopts double pump circuit (chassis + motor drive). Th

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