Dongfeng Special Chassis 15 Cubic Meters Watering Lorry

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Product Details
Basic Information
Usage Tree Sprinkling Tanker

Model DLQ5160GPSL5
Gross Weight 15800 (kg)
Volume 11.54 (cubic meter)
Rated Load 8795(Kg)
Curb Weight 6810(kg)
Dimensions 7700,8200×2480×3180(mm)
Approaching/Departuring Angle 21/18(°)
Front/Rear Overhang 1250/2500,1250/2450,1440/2310,1440/2260(mm)
Number of Axles 2
Wheelbase 3950,4500,5100,4700,4200,5600,5700(mm)
Axle Load 5800/10000(kg)
Max Speed 90(km/h)
Chassis type EQ1160GD5DJ
Number of Tires 6
Number of Leaf Spring 9/12+10,8/10+7,8/10+8,7/9+6,11/11+10,9/10+8
Tire 9.00-20 16PR,10.00-20 16PR,10.00R20 16PR
Front Wheel Track 1900,1880,1810,1940(mm)
Rear Wheel Track 1860,1800,1800,1860,1830(mm)
Chassis Discharge Standard GB17691-2005 National V Emission Standards, GB3847-2005
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Model ISD180 50, YC6JA180-50, ISD190 50, ISB170 50, ISB190 50, ISB210 50, YC4E160-56, YC4S150-50, EQH180-52, WP4.1Q160E50, ISB180 50

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