Tan Xuguang: Italian Ferretti Group better and better is the common dream

May 21,2024

On May 20, 2024, local time in Italy, Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Ferretti Group, based on recent on-site research, listened to the management’s work reports one by one at the Milan management headquarters, and systematically studied the company’s operations, global industry competition situation, and strategies. A series of key tasks such as benchmarking analysis, future business plans, and international market development, face-to-face communication with all first-line and second-line managers, and keynote speeches to comprehensively plan for future development.
At the meeting of the Ferretti Operations and Decision Committee
Tan Xuguang says
The safety of company operations always comes first. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the level of operational management and control, further enhance risk prevention and cost control capabilities, and transcend economic cycles with high quality.
Accelerate the establishment of a "China + Europe" dual supply chain system and achieve the perfect integration of "Italian design + Made in China"!

At the Ferretti first-line and second-line manager symposium
Tan Xuguang delivered a keynote speech
The Italian Ferretti Group has become world-class and stands in the spotlight of the global industry. It must use a global perspective and logic to carefully evaluate itself and use its strength to protect each of its brands.
Facing the complex global economic situation, we must be united in dealing with the outside world and jointly seize the global market. Ferretti does not live in a "vacuum". It must adapt to changes in the global ecology and cannot let the ecology adapt to us!
Pay more attention to the strengths of your competitors and your own shortcomings. Looking down on others is the biggest way to look down on yourself. Respecting others is more important than respecting yourself!
Deeply exploring the synergy of large groups will bring infinite value.
Every level, every member of management, and every manager must overcome the bloat mentality. Only on the company's platform can we maximize the release of personal value!
The team must focus on the customer, not on the individual, but on the matter. Satisfying the customer is our biggest goal.
At the communication meeting of the board of directors of Ferretti Group Company
Tan Xuguang says
As the chairman of Ferretti Group, I have the responsibility to inform all directors and supervisors about the investigation, identify problems, rectify them one by one, and perform my duties in accordance with the law to ensure that Ferretti Group becomes a world-class "pearl enterprise."
 It is necessary to further improve the corporate governance of the company, strengthen the governance link between the board of directors and the management, and comprehensively establish a scientific, standardized and efficient modern governance system.

A series of on-site surveys and communication discussions further clarified the strategic vision and governance chain of the Italian Ferretti Group, which won the full recognition of the management and all employees and laid a solid foundation for the company's sustained and rapid development.

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