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May 15,2024

Xi'an Cummins M10 engine is easily capable of transporting sand and gravel. Master Liu praised him!
The transportation conditions of coal, sand and gravel and other resources are often accompanied by harsh road conditions such as gravel roads and rugged mountain roads, as well as high-frequency and long-term continuous operation usage scenarios. These working condition characteristics have a great impact on various systems of tractors, especially tractors. It is the engine part that puts forward severe requirements.
Master Liu's logistics fleet has recently purchased a batch of 480-horsepower Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractors. Sitting in the brand-new cab, Master Liu will inevitably worry about whether this vehicle can meet his complex transportation conditions. However, after three months of practical experience, Master Liu gradually realized that his worries were unnecessary.

Powerful and easy to operate
Master Liu's current logistics fleet specializes in short-term transportation of sand and gravel in Zhangzhou City. The operating mileage is only a few dozen kilometers. Master Liu can make 2-3 trips every day. Although this route is extremely short, there are many half-slopes and mountain roads. Whether the Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractor has excellent power performance to cope with such complex road conditions is Master Liu's first concern.
Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractor is equipped with Xi'an Cummins M10 engine with a displacement of 9.92L. It can output a peak torque of 2200N·m in the range of 900-1400 rpm. The characteristics of low rpm and high torque give the vehicle a strong explosive power. , can easily realize complex operations such as starting with a full load and climbing with a heavy load, without fear of complex road conditions such as slopes and mountain roads.
In terms of lightweight, Xi'an Cummins M10 engine has also achieved the ultimate. The entire engine weighs only 720 kilograms, which is more than 100 kilograms less than products with the same displacement. Matching the Fast gearbox with an aluminum alloy shell, as well as multiple lightweight designs such as aluminum alloy rims, the vehicle's dead weight is effectively reduced. Master Liu said that he can pull 300-400 kilograms more than others on each trip. 
At the same time, the star power chain composed of Fast gearbox and Hande axle has been precisely adjusted to provide a strong guarantee for the full release of power. With excellent power performance and mature power chain system, Master Liu can operate calmly on the transportation route every day and has never experienced the "power anxiety" caused by insufficient horsepower.

Reliable quality, no fear of bad road conditions
According to Master Liu, the ups and downs of this route are not limited to mountain roads and half-slopes. In fact, this route consists of difficult-to-walk potholed dirt roads, difficult-to-climb half-slope mountain roads, and complex urban roads. This also leads to Vehicle engines often face complex conditions such as dust pollution, heavy loads climbing hills and frequent starts and stops.
As a veteran driver engaged in the transportation of sand and gravel, Master Liu knows that the quality of the vehicle, especially the reliability of the engine, will directly affect transportation efficiency. Whether Xi'an Cummins M10 engine can maintain normal operation in harsh and complex environments is Master Liu's second concern.
As the saying goes, "horsepower is known by the distance". As time goes by, despite maintaining high-intensity operation every day, the Xi'an Cummins M10 engine is still strong and no faults have occurred. "There is no problem in making it like this every day, the quality is great!" This is also Master Liu's affirmation of Xi'an Cummins M10 engine.
Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractor not only ensures the load-bearing capacity of the vehicle through a widened frame design and strengthened suspension design, but also the vehicle has undergone multiple rigorous tests and verifications to ensure the quality and driving safety of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a huge service network to provide users with comprehensive service support and improve the reliability of the vehicle.
Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractor, equipped with the Xi'an Cummins M10 engine, demonstrated excellent power performance and impeccable reliability in Master Liu's daily sand and gravel transportation work, successfully dispelling his initial concerns and It brought great convenience and peace of mind to his daily operations, and he couldn't help but praise it. With the passage of time, I believe that in the near future, Shaanxi Automobile Deyu Q300 tractor will become Master Liu's effective partner in complex resource transportation conditions.

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