Dongfeng Capt 4.2m refrigerated truck

May 13,2024

Refrigerated truck is a closed van transport vehicle used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping things, and is a refrigerated special transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulated box.

Dongfeng Capt 4.2 meters refrigerated truck is manufactured by hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national standard. The internal dimensions of the car body are: 9480*2450*2550(mm), the interior and exterior fabric of the car is made of nano-glass steel (non-light absorption, good heat insulation, strong hardness, etc.), the thickness of the car body is 8cm, the inner skeleton is made of rust-proof WISC light steel profile, the insulation material is non-void-filled polyurethane foam, and the bottom of the car body is made of aluminum alloy pattern plate or flat nano-glass steel. The rear door frame is made of stainless steel, and the rear door hinge and lock parts are made of stainless steel. The interior of the car body is equipped with LED lighting and width indicator light.

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