150 Zoomlion Mixers are Delivered to Middle East and Africa

January 30,2024

On January 19th, 150 Zoomlion concrete mixers lined up neatly and were delivered to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria in a mighty way to start a new journey of going overseas in 2024.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and other countries have vigorously promoted infrastructure construction, and the demand for high-performance concrete mixers is great. Zoomlion seized this opportunity to provide local customers with advanced construction solutions, comprehensive after-sales service and technical support with perfect localization layout, and the market recognition and customer satisfaction of mixers continued to improve.

Take an order delivered to Nigeria as an example. Nigeria has entered the peak period of construction in dry season. In order to meet the needs of villa real estate construction projects in the capital, customers urgently need batch mixers for transporting precast concrete in commercial mixing stations. Zoomlion Nigeria subsidiary communicated closely with customers, so that customers could fully understand Zoomlion brand and enterprise strength. Zoomlion is able to meet customer needs in time, and win customers' trust and choice with high-quality products, perfect parts supply and after-sales service.

"The products delivered this time have significantly improved the safety, passability, comfort and reliability of driving, and the fuel consumption is 6-8% lower than that of the industry. The mixing bucket realizes the comprehensive adaptation of dry and wet materials mixing and transportation conditions; Large capacity and low inclination design make the whole machine run more smoothly and more safely; The wear-resistant protection technology of 'T' strip can improve the mixing performance of equipment and the wear-resistant of mixing bucket, so that the products can better adapt to local working conditions. "The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said.

Source : www.chinaspv.com


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