Hongyan 4x2 Offset Head Port Tractor Launched onto Market

January 11,2024

On January 5, 2024, SAIC Hongyan's first pure electric offset head port tractor was rolled off the assembly line, which was witnessed by many dealer partners and media friends.

So, what advantages does this pure electric offset head port tractor have?

Maximum bearing capacity: It can carry 80 tons of total weight of vehicles and goods, and is the largest pure electric container transport vehicle in port in China at present;

Minimum energy consumption: The matching drive system of small motor + large power + large speed ratio is adopted, and the peak power of the drive motor is 300 kW, which is the container transport vehicle in the port with the lowest energy consumption at present;

Longest battery life: The lithium iron phosphate battery is 282kWh. It is the pure electric container transport vehicle with the largest battery capacity in China at present, and can be changed in 5 minutes at the same time; In addition, it needs less than 40 minutes to charge from 20% to 80% with dual charging guns, which can meet the 24-hour uninterrupted operation and ensure high attendance.

High mobility adaptability: the wheelbase is only 4000mm, and the turning radius is less than 8 meters.

In addition, this pure electric offset head port tractor can choose L4 intelligent driving control system, and the whole vehicle will be equipped with multiple laser radars, millimeter wave radars and many sensor redundancy designs, which can ensure that the vehicle can be accurately identified and controlled in all-weather real operating environment, thus comprehensively improving transportation efficiency. Of course, it also provides unlimited potential for the fully automated operation of ports in the future.


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