SAIC Hongyan operated in world's second largest hydropower station

February 03,2023

February 3, 2023, Sichuan, China, Recently, the world's second largest hydropower station - Baihetan Hydropower Station was successfully completed and put into operation. SAIC Hongyan dump truck has become a "new force" supporting the construction of the project by virtue of its strong performance, greatly improving the construction efficiency in high mountain areas.

In the process of infrastructure construction, every "super project" embodies the hard work of the construction personnel, and is the result of deeply cultivating key technologies and breaking through many difficulties. The construction of the Baihetan hydropower station project in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan faced with many challenges. Almost the entire line of the project is located in the area of high mountains, dangerous peaks and canyons, and the geological conditions are complex. Moreover, the huge scale and the comprehensive technical difficulty ranks first in the world. Therefore, it also puts forward extremely high requirements on the comprehensive performance of the project construction vehicles such as load capacity and durability.
The chassis of SAIC Hongyan dump truck is made of high-strength alloy material, and the reinforced frame makes the vehicle more stable and has passed the test of various road conditions perfectly. The front axle adopts a forged I-beam, and has passed 700,000 fatigue tests. The axle load is large, the bearing capacity is strong, and the tensile strength is greatly improved. In addition, the pit road conditions in mountainous areas are uneven, which is also a big test for the passability of vehicles. The maximum driving slope of SAIC Hongyan dump truck has reached 37%, easily passing the test of the large-slope operating environment of the mountain tunnel.

SAIC Hongyan dump trucks broke through many challenges in the construction of Baihetan Hydropower Station Project with super performance, and contributed "Hongyan Power" to the smooth completion and commissioning of the project.

In recent years, major infrastructure projects have been carried out in full swing, the "China Speed" has refreshed the limit time and time again, and the demand for various construction vehicles has also continued to increase. Facing the ever-increasing market demand, SAIC Hongyan has always been at the forefront of the industry. It not only entered the game ahead of time and deeply cultivated the field of engineering vehicles, but also gained a lot of high recognition by virtue of its durability, high efficiency and reliability, and is known as the "King of Engineering". With the implementation of strategies such as rural revitalization and urban-rural integration, in addition to national large-scale projects, the demand for projects has gradually increased. SAIC Hongyan is keenly aware of changes in user needs, and driven by the concept of "user-centered", it launches personalized products that meet user needs in different segments. There are not only high-horsepower products galloping in the mountains, rivers and Gobi, but also small self-unloading products passing through the narrow roads in the countryside.

In 2023, a number of major projects will start soon, which will surely set off a wave of infrastructure construction. Under the inclination of SAIC Group's resources, SAIC Hongyan introduced more advanced technologies and processes into the field of construction vehicle manufacturing, endowed construction vehicles with more intelligent attributes, and escorted users' driving safety with high-tech configurations all the way.

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